Healthy Nutrition and Vocational Education – World Unite! Volunteering in Zanzibar

Our World Unite! participants Katharina and Tina from Germany are currently working as volunteers in Zanzibar. They have successfully implemented a teaching concept for youth that promotes healthy nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.


We are Tina and Katharina and are currently volunteering in Zanzibar. We are 25 years old, have a degree in nursing and are currently studying Health Care Management.

In Zanzibar, we are volunteering in a project which is run by the Zanzibar Learning for Life Foundation (ZL4LF) and the Daraja-Foundation, called “Chakula Hai”. The project focusses on the elements of a healthy nutrition. We have developed a nutrition program and teach our students about essential nutrients and which tasks they take in the body; give them examples for a wholesome nutrition as well a the adequate preparation of food.

As a part of this program, we are planning to arrange a dinner for other World Unite! participants in Zanzibar, which we are already looking forward to.

To ensure the sustainability of our program, we are developing a manual for all teaching units. The manual can then be used by other volunteers, as well as by current students. Our aim is to provide guidelines so that the program can still be implemented actively after our departure.

Our students are eager to learn and very determined. Working with them as well as with the program coordinators Gasica and Arsheen is among the highlights of our stay. Their friendly and open attitude encourages us in all our activities. Besides our volunteer placement, we have also gained many other positive experiences. The warm Zanzibari culture as well as the beautiful beaches in Zanzibar will definitely make our stay abroad an unforgettable experience!

Are you interested in joining our programs?

You can find further details about this program on our website:

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