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As a psychologist in Nicaragua – Judith’s volunteer placement at the Minibiblioteca

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World Unite! participant Judith, psychologist, has been working as a volunteer in León, Nicaragua. After having returned to Germany, Judith is still in touch with her host organization in Nicaragua.

I have been doing a 1-month voluntary service at the Minibiblioteca in León, Nicaragua.

Before traveling to Nicaragua I was well prepared for my trip by the team of World Unite! who provided me with all kinds of practical information (i.e. about insurances, vaccinations, etc.) as well as information on culture in Nicaragua. My contact person at World Unite! was always available for any questions. They also provided me with information about my accommodation and was picked up and taken to my host family straight away on arrival.

My host family was very friendly and open-minded and was always happy to help me if I needed any assistance.

During my first days in León I was welcomed by a World Unite! staff member who showed me the city and accompanied me to my host project, the Minibiblioteca, where I first met my colleague, with whom I would also work together during my time there.

The next day I got to know the rest of the project, including the other staff members and the children. The project provides after school care for about 40 children. Besides homework tuition the Minibiblioteca also offers various other programs. My job was to establish a program for 7 children with behavioral problems together with my colleague. My working hours varied. Usually, at the beginning of the week, we would make a plan for the entire week, and we set up our working hours accordingly. During the time I was there, we developed a therapeutic group for the 7 children and started our meetings in the second week. In addition, we set up a parent/family group. In addition, there were weekly modules on anger management for the entire group of children. The work with my colleague was so much fun right from the beginning, and I think we made a great team!

On top of my volunteer placement, I tried to get to know the city and the country as much as possible. León is beautiful and has many nice bars, cafes and pubs. I did often go out in the evenings and joined the pub quiz or salsa dancing with other volunteers or with Nicas, whom I had met. On the weekends I did some tours (for example a hike to a volcano, a mangrove tour, a trip to Granada). I also rented a car with another volunteer to explore the country on our own. It was a lot of fun 🙂

The return transfer to the airport was again arranged by World Unite! and I arrived well back in Germany.

I am still in touch with the Minibiblioteca and will definitely go back to Nicaragua one day! I can  recommend this experience to anyone and I would also like to recommend World Unite! as an organization.

Judith, Germany

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