Education Internship in Bolivia: Jessica & Tamara in Cochabamba

World Unite! participants Jessica and Tamara from Germany recently completed an education internship for university credit in a childcare facility in Bolivia. Here you can read about their experiences!


As we study pedagogy, we decided to undergo an internship in a childcare facility. World Unite! and Katharina (our contact person at World Unite!) helped us to choose a country and made several suggestions according to our wishes and ideas.

In the end, the 3 of us decided to go to Bolivia. South America seemed particularly appealing to us because of its culture and nature. Shortly before our trip, our friend fell ill and could unfortunately not join us on the internship. Again, World Unite! was very helpful and understanding. Altogether we spent 2 months in South America, of which we spent 1 week in Chile, 4 weeks in Bolivia, where we did the internship in Cochabamba, and 3 weeks in Peru.

During the internship, we stayed in an accommodation belonging to the language school run by our local World Unite! coordinator Mauge.

Mauge and the rest of our contact persons on-site were all very warm and welcoming and always there to assist us if we had any questions (whether about visa, illness, or work-related).

The caretakers and staff at our internship organization were extremely friendly and did their best to make us feel comfortable, but we would like to point out that some previous Spanish knowledge would have been of advantage for our work.

Overall the trip was a very special experience and we would go back anytime and definitely recommend it!

Best regards,

Tamara and Jessica, Germany

You can find all the details about Tamara’s and Jessica’s internship on this link.

We will be happy to assist you with the arrangements for Spanish language lessons in Cochabamba! 


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