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Happiness is contagious! Paula’s volunteer placement in Moshi, Tanzania

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Paula has worked as a volunteer in Moshi/Kilimanjaro in Tanzania for 3 months. In our blog, she describes what was most impressive about her time in Tanzania.

I have spent 3 months volunteering in Moshi, Tanzania and it was literally the best time of my life! Moshi is a cute little town, located right at the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. It was important for me to be in a place together with other volunteers to be able to meet new people, to exchange experiences and of course to discover the country. Moshi is perfect for that!

I worked in an orphanage where around 30 children between 0 and 6 years live. The children are divided into two groups: the babies and the 2-6 year olds; I was with the older children. As a volunteer I assisted the children with their daily routines from morning to evening. I helped to feed, wash and change the baby’s diapers, put the children to bed and played with them on a daily basis. It was amazing to see how after a while I was more and more able to integrate into the work routines at my placement and how I was able to actively support the local team.

On the weekends, me and fellow volunteers often went on trips to other places around Moshi to see more of the country. I also went on a safari and travelled to Zanzibar for a week, which I highly recommend.

I am incredibly grateful for this formative, beautiful time and can not put into words how much I miss Moshi and especially the children. I would like to recommend this experience to anyone with an interest in working with children, but World Unite! offers other volunteering and internship options in Moshi as well.

In addition, the culture in Tanzania is unbelievably impressive and exhilarating, most people are so open, loving and hospitable that one immediately feel at home and welcome. During my time in Tanzania, I learned that it often needs very little to be happy and that happiness is definitely contagious!

Best regards,

Paula (Germany)

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