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Electives, Medical Internships & Cultural Learning in Morocco

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Wrivu, Bradley and Georgina from Australia traveled to Tangier, Morocco with us for their medical internship. There, they did not only get to know their  host country’s medical system, but have also immersed themselves in the local culture.

Thank you for helping us coordinate our time in Morocco. Morocco is a beautiful country with an incredible culture, and we really appreciate the way World Unite helped us make the most of our time. You have been professional, kind and gone out of your way to ensure that we are safe and comfortable during our stay, and for that, we are extremely grateful. We also opted take French lessons during our stay in Morocco and I would highly recommend this to anyone considering it, without hesitation. Madame Khadija is a wonderfully humorous teacher and will make the lessons extremely interesting. 

Thanks again,

Wrivu, Bradley and Georgina

Ready to intern abroad? Here you can find information about Wrivu’s, Georgina’s and Bradley’s internship.

In many of our partner programs, language skills of the country’s national language are not mandatory, but locals will for sure be delighted to see that you are interested in picking up a few words in their language! Even if you just learn a few words in the local language, this will be greatly appreciated. In Morocco, we organize French, Arabic and Darija language lessons for you.


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