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Sea Turtle and Environmental Conservation on the Tropical Island of Zanzibar

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Pauline from Germany spent 4 weeks in the Sea Turtle and Environmental Conservation program in Zanzibar. In our blog she describes her experience. 

My 4 weeks in Zanzibar have passed way too fast (book for a longer duration!!!), are among the best times in my life. Not only did I get to know lots of wonderful people among the other volunteers; also the aquarium staff is amazingly friendly and I felt welcome from my first day. If I needed assistance, I was always welcome to contact them and everybody was trying their best to help me. Except for my initial day, I did not feel homesick at all during the entire stay.

Working with the turtles was a lot of fun. Besides the daily tasks such as changing the water in the pools, there are other duties and tasks which vary on a weekly basis. The working atmosphere is quite relaxed and work never gets boring.

In the afternoons there are voluntary environmental conservation activities. Given the enormous waste problem on the island, plastic waste is recycled and in parts reused to build furniture or decoration objects.

You will also have enough free time to go on excursions. My personal highlight was a snorkeling trip to Mnemba Island, where we even saw dolphins next to our boat. Other trips I made were a spice tour (which is much more interesting than you would imagine) or a weekend on the east coast where you can go kite surfing. But you can also just spend the entire day in the project or on the beach.

I would definitely do this trip again, because of the amazing people I have met and the experience of living in a different culture.

Best wishes,


You can find further details about the Marine Turtle and Environmental Conservation Program on this link.

Visit us on our website for further information about volunteering in animal or nature conservation.



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