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Workshop Environmental Conservation & Recycling at Schools in Zanzibar

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We are sending you many environmentally-friendly regards from our environmental coordinator Lisa in Zanzibar. The participants of our sea turtle and environmental project in Nungwi have organized a workshop on recycling and waste prevention in a local village school. Here you can read Lisa’s report:

Our World Unite! Participants in the sea turtle and environmental project have offered a workshop on recycling and waste prevention for children from a village school in Nungwi.

The aim was to teach the children what kind of garbage they and their families produce everyday and how much of it is actually plastic waste. Plastic waste poses a big problem for people, animals and the environment on Zanzibar because it either thrown away on the streets, ends up in the sea or is burned.

The children have learned how long it takes for various materials to rot (paper, fruit skin, plastic, cans and glass) and what happens to our environmental when these materials are burned. The fact that plastic can remain on dumpsites for centuries, and that toxic gases are released when it is burned, left the children quite perplexed.

Finally, we were looking into ideas for alternatives to producing plastic waste and showed the children various ways of recycling waste materials. On Zanzibar, for example, old plastic bottles are reused for bottling milk, oil or juices. Plastic containers are used to fetch water at the village wells. But what can be done with all the soft plastic?

After the school visitwas followed by a trip to the sea turtle and environmental project, where children could learn how to make Ubuntublox. Ubuntublox are large blocks of soft plastic that can be used to build various things such as houses, benches or even tables. Especially when pressing the blocks everyone had a lot of fun.

We look forward to seeing you and your support to work together towards a more sustainable and garbage-free Zanzibar!

Best regards,


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