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Local Community Engagement Abroad: Fundraising for Village School in Zanzibar

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As an active part of the local community in their host countries, many of our volunteers and interns contribute to the local community in a variety of ways, even beyond the actual activities in their host organization.

One example is Alina, a participant in the sea turtle conservation and recycling program in Nungwi, Zanzibar.

During her time in Nungwi, Alina did only actively participate in her own project, but also helped out in a small village school. The school was founded to provide access to education for children who can not afford to attend public school and to provide them with a safe place to study and play. A large number of students now regularly visit the school, which is fully funded by donations. Thanks to the motivation and dedication of many helpers, there are now four classrooms, a staff room and a schoolyard.

Back in Germany, Alina started a donation campaign in a local newspaper. Just a few weeks later, two large packages of notebooks, pencils, pencil cases and board games arrived in Nungwi.

The participants of our sea turtle conservation and recycling program handed the donations over to the children and the school teachers.

Thank you very much for your commitment Alina!

Best regards,

Lisa, World Unite! Environmental Coordinator in Nungwi

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Visit us on our World Unite! website and find all the details about Alina’s volunteer program here



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