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Best time of my life! – Clara from Germany volunteering with children in Moshi, Tanzania

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Have you always wanted to get to know a new culture and ways of working while at the same time providing your time and skills to a meaningful project? Last year, our participant Clara from Germany spent 3 months in Moshi, Tanzania and helped out in a care facility for children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Here you can read about her experiences:

In my care centre about 45 children aged 0 to 7 years are cared for. I was responsible for the group of the one to five year old children. Most of the time I spent the whole day with the children from morning to evening and helped with the everyday tasks: feeding, changing diapers, playing, preparing the younger ones for their naps and of course playing a lot and giving as much attention to all children as possible.

The work was not always easy for me. The family backgrounds and stories of the children are not always easy to digest. On the other hand, the work has been incredibly fulfilling and enriching. Especially now that I’m back in Germany, I often miss my time in Tanzania a lot.

For those of you who like to spend time with children and want to contribute something to their well-being, I can very much recommend this placement. Also Moshi is definitely recommended as a place to stay: It is a small and lovely  city, located close to  Mount Kilimanjaro. The city’s vibe, its people and what the city offers were just perfect for me. I felt very comfortable and spend my free time in one of the cafes, or walking through the souvenir shops or had handmade bags made by the wonderful seamstresses.

In addition I had the chance to travel to Zanzibar as well as to go on a safari and several day trips, e.g. to the hot springs or the Materuni waterfall. These trips and excursions are a great way to get to know the country even better.

I’ve been home for several months now and would love to fly straight back to Moshi.

I miss the work with the children and the open and happy vibe of the Moshi and its inhabitants.

Yours, Clara

Here you can find more information about Clara’s project.

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