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Waste Recycling Workshop at Village School in Zanzibar

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Lisa, our coordinator for environmental conservation and recycling gives you an update about the recent activities in our sea turtle conservation and environmental education Project in Nungwi, Zanzibar. 

Hello from beautiful Zanzibar!

Did you know that we are following a community approach here in our Sea Turtle Conservation and Recycling Project? This means that we are trying to work with the village community of Nungwi to promote environmental conservation activities.

In our project we recycle garbage and make useful objects out of it. However, in order to avoid waste, it’s important that even the youngest members of a community can acquire knowledge and information about waste, waste separation and how to avoid waste. Therfore, our volunteers have come up with a special idea: From now on, we will regularly offer waste prevention workshops at the non-profit village school in Nungwi. The school is for cildren between three and six years.

In our first workshop, our volunteers and a teacher informed the kids about waste separation. Unfortunately, there is no functioning waste separation system on Zanzibar and often garbage is simply burned. The aim of our workshop was to teach the children why we should separate garbage to protect our environment. Meanwhile, our volunteers prepared a garbage separation system in the schoolyard, and then collected and separated garbage together with the children. We separated residual waste, recyclable waste (such as bottles) and compost waste.

We were pleased to see that many of the older children were able to apply what they had learned directly and assisted their younger classmates in the waste separation. In order to ensure the sustainability of our initiative, in the future we will regularly hold environmental education workshops at the village school. If you have ideas for workshops and want to get involved – Karibu!

Best regards from Zanzibar,


Read more about our sea turtle and recycling project on this link.



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