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Education, Art & Tourism Development in Zanzibar

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Jördis from Germany volunteered in the Mother Nature Conservation Camp in Zanzibar for two months. She brought her skills as an artist into the design of the village school and a local pottery initiative. Here you can read more about her experiences:

I spent a wonderful time volunteerig in the Mother Nature Conservation Camp in Zanzibar. It was one of the best decision in my life to go there and to use my skills as an artist to design the local school facade of the nursery school in Kitogani. To work together with the school kids and to show them how to use their creativity was one of my biggest pleasures.

I also was happy to cooperate with the local pottery women where I gave a workshop to create little clay turtels as tourists gifts to support a local turtle and tortoise conservation program. There was the chance for me to support the local cave tourism as well as getting a deeper understanding in traditional plant medicine.



In total I learned a lot about the local culture, ways of life and traditions and I found a new family here. I am glad that World Unite! gave me the possibility to work closely with the local people and to support their projects and I would like to say thank you for that. I hope we will stay in touch and work together again at some time in the future!

All the best,

Jördis (Germany)

Read more about the Mother Nature Conservation Camp here.



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