Love the Mother Nature Conservation Camp in Zanzibar!

Isabel from Germany totally fell in love with our Mother Nature Camp in Zanzibar! We can totally relate! Setting out on an adventure in the tropical rainforest and helping to conserve the local nature and the environment on Zanzibar at the same time, is something truely amazing to do! You can read Isabel’s review here.

Set out on a travel adventure to the tropical rainforest of Zanzibar!

Isabel from Germany:

“I really liked the atmosphere at the Mother Nature Conservation Camp and that you build your own little community of local team members and foreign volunteers there. During the day you work, in the evenings you talk, play cards or other games, or stay in your tent and have some time for yourself.

The staff was extremely helpful. They even help you organizing tours, trips and excursions for your leisure time. The food in the camp is quite good.

I like that you also work together with locals and get in close touch with the local community. Everybody in the camp cares about the environment, nature, wildlife, children and the neighborhood. It’s interesting, that each day is a little different, depending on the volunteering activities that you’d like to involve in. It helps when you stay flexible, open minded and watch World Unite!’s preparation videos to get a good feeling of what to expect.

I would totally volunteer at the Camp again! 🙂

Isabel, from Germany

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