English course on the paradise island of Zanzibar

Taking an English course in Zanzibar – is that even possible ?! Certainly! Tilmann from Germany took a 30 hour English course on this island paradise and enjoyed his stay to the fullest. Here he tells you about his experiences.

The tropical island of Zanzibar has a lot to offer. With World Unite! you can even learn English here!

Tilmann from Germany about his stay:

The support from Abdi, my World Unite! Coordinator in Zanzibar, was excellent. He picked me up at the taxi stand, took me to my host family, took me on a tour through Stonetown, and then introduced me to my language teacher.

I really appreciated the SIM card that I got from Abdi right at the beginning that allowed me to use the internet and to make calls. Throughout may stay Abdi was always available and – if we happened to meet in Stonetown – ready to talk. I felt very well looked after by him.

Sarah, my language teacher, totally adjusted her teaching to my needs. She found out about abou my strenghts and weaknesses in English very quickly and took it from there. Sarah is a very pleasant person, is incredibly flexible in terms of times, meeting points and learning content. And most importantly, the lessons with her are so much fun, so it was never just studying vocabulary and grammar. In addition, she has an incredibly extensive knowledge of the island, the history of Tanzania and Zanzibar and also about the current political events there. So the 30 hours with her were much more than “just” learning English. I can only say thank you again and warmly recommend her as a language teacher.

I had my accommodation with Mama Munna in Stone Town. An incredibly nice family and very interesting woman. The food was simple, but absolutely top notch. The insights into family life were unique and unforgettable for me. The room I stayed in was very simple. Ultimately, however, completely sufficient, because in the end you only sleep there. If you are looking for Western European comfort, you should better go to a hotel, but then miss a very exciting and above all unforgettable experience of living with a local family.

Last but not least, I want to thank World Unite! for the very good care before and during my stay. The arrangements with you worked perfectly and the instructions and information on the homepage are complete and accurate. At no time did I feel that there was a lack of care or information. Thank you very much for the great work. I will recommend World Unite! to anyone who’s looking for a learning experience abroad.

Sincerely yours,


Here you can find out how to register for an English course in Zanzibar.


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