Remote Internship Microfinances in Tanzania

How can you spend your time at home most efficiently during the Corona pandemic? Nicolas from Germany completed a Remote Internship in a Tanzanian microfinance organization. Read about Nicolas’ experience as a remote intern, in times when international travel is not easily possible.

Nicolas from Germany completed his remote internship at WEECE, a microfinance organization in Tanzania. The organization supports so-called “Village Community Banks” (Vicobas). These are an important instrument of development work, as they enable people who do not have access to conventional bank accounts and funds to finance their agricultural, small business and education projects for their children.

“The internship was a total success for me. First of all, I was able to improve my English language skills. I attended Skype meetings three times a week and worked with various members of the organization on topics related to microfinances (introduction to the country of Tanzania, profile of the organization, goals, challenges of the organization WEECE etc.).

I learned about the principle of microfinances and the importance of VICOBA organisations. We held small discussions and exchanged experiences at all of the meetings.

Due to the current situation (Corona), I was unfortunately not able to intern on-site and take on larger tasks. However, with the knowledge I acquired during my internship, I think I can effectively take on tasks on site in the future. Therefore, I plan to do an internship in Tanzania as soon as possible, once the current situation has improved. ”

Nicolas from Germany

Here you can find all information about Nicolas’ internship. Register now and use your time at home effectively!

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