Remote Psychology Internship out of India

Martha completed her Psychology internship online! Over 8 weeks during the Summer of 2022 she learned so much and wants to share her experience from her time with Salma Prabhu Institute of Counselling.

I decided to do my internship online since I am working parttime and studying psychology at the same time and wanted some flexibility. When I started the internship at the Institute of Counselling, founded by Mrs Prabhu, I didn´t really think it would be such an amazing life experience. I expected a lot of classic clinical input but I got so much more.

The daily contact with Mr and Mrs Prabhu who are both psychologists was always constructive and friendly. They both really give all their heart into the internships, and my fellow interns and me which I also got to know while I was doing the internship felt it all the way. I got many insights on the daily life of a psychological counsellor and also learned so much on the many fields that Mr and Mrs Prabhu are covering with their work e.g organizational psychology, developmental psychology. Not only did I learn classic counselling skills, I also learned a lot about natural remedies in psychology and definitely changed my perspective on alternative therapy methods.

I´ve met specialists from different fields and learned from the online sessions with them. I also could apply a lot from my university knowledge in the internship and it came in handy in different situations. Mrs Prabhu always held close contact to all of the interns and encouraged us in our abilities. The knowledge and the wisdom I gained from her sessions are immense and I will make the best out of them for my further career in psychology.

I am looking forward to do another internship while doing my masters degree and I can just encourage everyone thinking about doing an internship at the SPIC to do it! The gain I got from this experience will accompany me a lifetime and I am very thankful it happened.


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