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About World Unite!

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World Unite! arranges volunteering, internships, voluntourism trips and „World Learner“ options in Tanzania, Morocco, Israel, India, Nicaragua, Bolivia, China and Mexico. It is a network of partners who will prepare you and provide support services at the destinations where you will be travelling as a World Unite! participant.

Please see our full profile here. We also run our own development projects.

On this page you will get to know the people you will be dealing with when travelling with World Unite!

Communiations and planning your stay for all countries

Chris, Nicole, KristinaChris, Nicole and Kristina

Chris, 36, from Freiburg/Germany has started World Unite! in Tanzania in 2006. He came to Tanzania first in 2005 as part of his master studies in Tourism Management at the University of Brighton/England. Today the focus of his work lies in the development of World Unite!, which means he is in constant touch with many NGOs, participants, staff and further individuals and organisations which are involved. Further, Chris is working in quality control and quality improvement, and in the implementation of our World Unite! development projects. Since 2013, Chris is an accredited lecturer in Intercultural Management by the Hofstede Centre Helsinki.

Nicole, 30, studied linguistic sciences and worked as a teacher, before she spent a year in Nicaragua, volunteering with a women’s group. In 2012 she started with World Unite! where she is now working in communications, internal planning and worldwide project development.

Kristina, 26, studied cultural sciences. She is working with World Unite! in communications.

Team Tanzania:

Adelina and Themi

Adelina is our main coordinator for Tanzania. She has studied international finance. Before joining World Unite!, she worked with ZARA Tours, Tanzania’s largest tour operator. All participants love Adelina, who is also giving support in Moshi/Kilimanjaro. Themi is also giving support to our participants in Moshi/Kilimanjaro and he is project leader for our project „Environmentally-friendly cooking and promotion of Jatropha“. Themi holds a master’s degree in Community Development. Adelina and Themi introduce themselves in his video about Moshi.

Miriam with her family in Moshi/Kilimanjaro. She also receives participants as a host family.

Miriam (29) from Berlin joined the World Unite! team in March 2013. She was a World Unite! participant herself in 2008. After a short return to Germany, she decided to stay in Tanzania forever. Miriam is a nurse and providing support services to our participants in Moshi. Miriam is fluen in German, English and Swahili.

Josh, Suma and Nell

Josh and Suma are our main coordinators and support staff in Zanzibar. Josh from England holds a BA degree in Development Studies of Middlesex University London and a degree in Health and Social Care, and he was himself as a volunteer in Guatemala and South Africa. Before working with World Unite! he was a team leader at Nottingham Salvation Army and worked as a volunteer coordinator for two English volunteer organizations in South Africa and Tanzania. Suma, who is from Zanzibar, worked as a volunteer coordinator for another organization in Zanzibar before starting at World Unite! Josh and Sume introduce themselves in this video.

Nell is in charge of our Sustainable East Africa environmental projects in Zanzibar. She holds a Msc degree in Tropical Marine Ecology from Simon Fraser University Vancouver, Canada, and many years of project experience from China, Belize, Zanzibar and England.

Madaha, who as an accountant is naturally well organised, is providing support to our participants in Dar-es-Salaam. Gabriel Shoo assists with the expansion of our programs in the Kilimanjaro region. He is married and has 5 children. He is running a charitable NGO in Moshi which has the goal to improve the life conditions in Tanzania in cooperation with many homes for orphans and street children, medical institutions and schools. He is in constant touch to these organizations and exactly knows their needs. Tour guide Mosses is our coordinator at Lake Victoria.

Salim and Zenith Tours staff

Salim is 45 years old, married and has 5 children. Salim is from the island of Pemba and he’s the managing director of Zenith Tours which is providing all the infrastructure for our World Unite! participants. The Zenith team is handling more than 4000 tourists every year as an incoming agent for several renowned tour companies from Europe and the US such as Chamäleon Reisen, Diamir Erlebnisreisen, Wikinger Reisen etc from Germany, Andersons Africa Adventures from Sweden, Afrika Safari Denmark, Borton Overseas USA, Viajes Tourag Spain, Let’s go Tours Switzerland and others. They can assist you at any time and place if you need help. Salim knows hundreds if not thousands of people in Tanzania and this will make sure everything will be smooth during your stay.

Team India:

Sudipta with two participants and Govind with children of Sambhali Trust

In Mumbai, support to our participants is provided by Sudipta. Sudipta, who is an arts teacher,  is married and has two sons. You can see her introducing herself in our video about Navi Mumbai. In Jodhpur, Govind Singh Ratore is giving support to our participants. He is also the founder and director of the women empowerment NGO „Sambhali Trust“, and he has a lot of experience with foreign volunteers.

Antonio with his child in Kerala, Vikas at the Himalaya

In Fort Cochin/Kerala, Antonio is providing support services to our participants; he is also running a homestay where our participants are usually staying. In the Himalaya, Vikas of Chrysalid Outdoor Camp is our main person. Vikas is a professional mountaineer, graduating from Nehru Institute of Mountaineering, Uttarkashi and is working as an operations manager with our partner Seasons & Vacations.

Team Morocco:

Fatima and Fenna

Fatima Haddad has been the social commissioner for the city of Tangier for more than 30 years. She has retired in 2009, but is still active in social organisations of Tangier region, and she is now arranging volunteering and internship options for World Unite!. Her daughter Fenna, 35, is in charge of providing support to our participants. She is a doctor of psychology. Omar supports Fenna in Chefchaouen; he owns a hotel in the Medina and is an active member of the environmental NGO ATED.

Team Israel:

khaled_aishaAisha and Khaled

Aisha and Khaled are providing support services in Tamra. Aisha is an arts teacher and Khaled is an architect; he has studied in Germany. Ra’ed of the NGO BUSTAN is our coordinator in the Negev Desert.

In Israel there are strong regulations concerning volunteering. For this reason we are legally cooperating with Neve Shalom, the „Oasis of Peace“, a famous Kibbutz.

Team Nicaragua:


Katherine of Vapues Tours is coordinator for volunteers in Nicaragua. With her, the whole team of drivers, guides and office staff of Vapues will be assisting you on your stay in Nicaragua. For some placements we work with other partners and assistance will be provided by Stefanie from Austria and David from Spain.

Team Bolivia:

Zuleika (with a gentleman of an indigenous community and a lama at Oruro carnival) and Sandra

Zuleika is half Swiss, half Bolivian. She completed her BA degree in International Cooperation in Switzerland in 2012 and since then has been working as the main coordinator for Bolivia for World Unite!. She is also giving support to our participants in Cochabamba. Zuleika was a World Unite! participant herself in Zanzibar in 2011 and was so convinced about the concept that she offered herself to develop World Unite! programs in her home country Bolivia with Chris. Her cousin Adriana is helping out. Sandra is providing support to our participants in La Paz.

Team Mexico:

Sebastian (with Sam and Mariza of EcoColors)

Sebastian from Germany who, as several other of our staff, has been a World Unite! participant before, is now working with our partner EcoColors in Cancún, Mexico as our main coordinator for Mexico.



Sherry, Igor und Alex

Our team includes Sherry, Igor and Alex. Sherry and Igor are Chinese, while Igor is from Macedonia. He has been living in Beijing since 2012; before he moved to China, he completed his MBA in England.

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