Remote Psychology Internship out of India

Martha completed her Psychology internship online! Over 8 weeks during the Summer of 2022 she learned so much and wants to share her experience from her time with Salma Prabhu Institute of Counselling. I decided to do my internship online since I am working parttime and studying psychology at the same time and wanted someContinue reading “Remote Psychology Internship out of India”

Ronja’s time at an Irish horse ranch

Ronja took part in our horse programme in Ireland in autumn 2021. For 3 months, she lived and worked at a stud farm in County Cork, Ireland. Her hosts run a very successful boarding yard as well as an equine hospital and train top quality competition horses. Read here about Ronja’s experience in Ireland. MyContinue reading “Ronja’s time at an Irish horse ranch”

Remote Psychology internship out of India

Silke, a B.Sc in Psychology student from Germany did a 2 months remote psychology internship with World Unite! out of India. Silke wrote to us:“I want to thank you and your colleagues again for the great support. World Unite! Is a very professional platform that I am recommending to my fellow students. Thank you veryContinue reading “Remote Psychology internship out of India”

Working Holiday Job on a sugar cane farm in Okinawa

We asked Markus from Germany to tell us about his experience working for a sugar cane farmer on the small island of Miyakojima, roughly 300 kilometers away from Okinawa main island. He arrived in May 2020 and worked there for a month. With a smile he looks back at his extraordinary experience in the very south ofContinue reading “Working Holiday Job on a sugar cane farm in Okinawa”

Remote tourism internship in Myanmar

As international travel is slowly picking up again, a remote internship is still a good alternative to travelling abroad for your international internship! It gives you the opportunity to gain intercultural experience and can give you a fresh look on your field of interest while communicating with a team from a different cultural background. RinaContinue reading “Remote tourism internship in Myanmar”

Annika’s experience at the Mother Nature Camp in Zanzibar

Annika from Germany decided to go to Zanzibar during the COVID-19 pandemic in September 2020 and fell in love with the tropical island. She volunteered for 2 months and had a great time at the Mother Nature Conservation Camp. In today’s Blog post, she wants to share some of her experience. The Mother Nature EnvironmentalContinue reading “Annika’s experience at the Mother Nature Camp in Zanzibar”

Remote Internship Microfinances in Tanzania

How can you spend your time at home most efficiently during the Corona pandemic? Nicolas from Germany completed a Remote Internship in a Tanzanian microfinance organization. Read about Nicolas’ experience as a remote intern, in times when international travel is not easily possible. Nicolas from Germany completed his remote internship at WEECE, a microfinance organizationContinue reading “Remote Internship Microfinances in Tanzania”

Medical Elective Abroad on Zanzibar Island, Tanzania

Pia from Germany completed part of her medical elective at the Mnazi Mmoja Hospital in Zanzibar. Here she reports on cultural differences in medicine, a typical daily routine in the hospital and how she spent her free time in Zanzibar. Which internship did you do abroad and where? I completed part of my mandatory electiveContinue reading “Medical Elective Abroad on Zanzibar Island, Tanzania”

English course on the paradise island of Zanzibar

Taking an English course in Zanzibar – is that even possible ?! Certainly! Tilmann from Germany took a 30 hour English course on this island paradise and enjoyed his stay to the fullest. Here he tells you about his experiences. Tilmann from Germany about his stay: The support from Abdi, my World Unite! Coordinator inContinue reading “English course on the paradise island of Zanzibar”

Volunteer at the Wildlife Reserve in South Africa

Can you imagine to live inmidst of the stunning nature of a South African National Park? To join the only exclusively female anti-poaching unit wordwide to protect the animals in the park? Or to monitor the fascinating animal and plant life of South Africa? Manuela from Germany did exactly that! Read about her experience volunteeringContinue reading “Volunteer at the Wildlife Reserve in South Africa”